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About Instapass

Security is unnecessary hard and time-consuming

And, when it is hard and time-consuming, it is often not taken care of. Which I have noticed many times before. It is so much easier to email a password than setting up a system that asks for a password creation. But, then everyone with access to that email will have that password. It is easier to send a Slack message with a token than to setup some fancy encryption. In other words, it is frustrating to do the right thing.

What to do instead?

Use Instapass.

Why is Instapass Secure

Instapass automatically generate a password and encrypts your message on the client-side with industry standard algorithms (using the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library). The encrypted message is sent to the Instapass server. Due to the fact that Instapass only receives encrypted data, we are not able to read the message. Afterwards, a link is generated on the client-side and the password is added as an anchor to the url. Anchors are designed not to be sent to the server, but only used locally by the browser. After the link expires or has been used the encrypted message is deleted from the server. This helps to increase the protection from hackers, NSA and other curious people, as they cannot access passwords by just hacking your email, Slack server, or Git service.

Found a bug or a security hole?

Please contact me below or by email. I will be happy to receive any feedback and I will not charge you of any crime if what you do is to merely show a bug or vulnerability.

What is next

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Inhouse hosting

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